MARKINGS are things that make it possible to recognize something.

The markings of greatness therefore means the things that show you have achieved true greatness. Greatness is a mindset, in that the image you have determines what you get. Therefore, do not be afraid of the 'zero position' you are in now because God specializes in making awesome things out of nothing.

True greatness begins when your inner self is transformed by you having a heart that is yearning for more of God. This greatness is then activated when you realize that you are not on this earth to occupy space/survive BUT you have a divine purpose in life that you must fulfill. Finally, true greatness is expressed when one  refuses to be content with shallow living,instead, God expects us to impact the world positively.

As Christians, we impact the world positively by using our influence in our schools,careers, businesses which is usually our sphere of influence. The positive change should be evident in the lives of people who come in contact with you.

TO BE A GREAT PERSON, you must enjoy and embrace a solitary life like that of an eagle who is a lone ranger and is consistently flying higher and higher as opposed to a duck who flocks together with other ducks and therefore remain on the ground with no progress at all. 'The life of a duck depicts friendship that is taking you nowhere yet you insist in maintaining that sort of friendship.'

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