Every Christian at a given time will face challenges. However, God is not intimidated by the challenges you face here on earth. In fact, He wants you to rejoice in the midst of them. This instruction will only make sense to a spiritually minded Christian; one who has decided to take hold of the word despite the predicament. Brothers and sisters, when you choose to be joyful, you draw God’s attention because the miraculous never flows in an atmosphere of sorrow

(Read Mark 5:35-43).

Be joyful, not because life is good but because joy is a fruit of your recreated spirit. When you go through diverse tests, don’t follow your flesh; instead heed to the wisdom of God and rejoice.

Spend time thinking on the word and then speak words that are inline with the Rhema that you have received from the word. Don’t engage in worry as the minute you voice them, you create them in the physical. Remember, life is spiritual and God wants you to take responsibility for the thoughts that you engage in.

Moreover, you don’t have to carry the burden, cast it on Him because He cares,

(1 Peter 5:7). When you cast your cares on Jesus, you paralyze the worry and fear. As simple as this instruction is, many Christians still toil in their problems because they refused to cast their worries on Jesus.

Understand, God has given you His word to take you forward but if you continue to engage in worry, you will only move backwards in life. Ephesians 6:10-16 reveals to us that if you are not storing the word in your spirit you will not be able to stand in the day of adversity. Therefore, use the word to build stamina in your inner man.

In conclusion, know, you are a winner, not occasionally but all the time. Thus, after you have cast your cares on Jesus, rebuke the spirit of worry and count it all joy.

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